RogerRoger is designed to give you and your team time back by getting all the boring daily financial work done through automated workflows.

Roger is transforming the way accounting firms and businesses tackle financial tasks. Our automation tools work hand-in-hand with the most widely used accounting software, like QuickBooks and Xero, to reduce time spent doing tasks like expenses, approvals, and payments.With this integration, you can:Automatically notify the right people on your team that an expense is ready to be approved, rejected or elaborated on.See details like: Vendor, Due Date, Amount, CategoryApprove or reject an expense without ever leaving Slack.Tag the right coworkers to ask questions about the expense and get more visibilityRoger integration supports the following list of commands:
/roger account me – Check your Roger account
/roger account logout – Logout from Roger account
/roger teams list – List companies of your account
/roger manage – Manage your integration
/roger help – Open help

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