Rig D Your Dev Ops and IT Ops Command Center for Slack

The RigD Slack app gives you an easy and powerful solution or driving your critical work efforts through slack. It will save you time and frustration and you’ll wonder how you did your job without it. You can drive your work with simple natural language messages, build automation to speed up complex sets of actions, and keep track of all work interactions for detailed analysis and reporting.For example, just ask RigD to start work in an incident. You use Atlassian OpsGenie as your system of record for incidents? No problem, just connect your account and now you can create an incident in PagerDuty, setup a dedicated channel, and run a flow that guides you through your incident playbook steps. Make updates to your system of record and push files to it without ever leaving Slack. Want to check on a the status of a host from DataDog?  “show my Datadog host …” and there you go, no context switching form Slack to Datadog and then wandering around the UI to find the right host.Our app is your friendly interface to our powerful RigD ML and automation platform. With RigD you reduce your teams’ workloads around data gathering and incident management – and who doesn’t want to save time and lighten their load.  And, we do it within Slack, right where operations teams are already collaborating. RigD can be deployed and configured to connect your tools into Slack in just 5 minutes.RigD’s Slack App is powered by our sophisticated collaborative automation platform. It offers a Conversational AI to make interaction powerful, flexible, and natural. This is no simple Slash Command utility. We also leverage AI and Machine learning to help drive automation into your work, be it a single activity or complex processes. RigD helps you do it quickly.We can also help you create your own Slack driven activities or show you how. And again, right in Slack.If your operations teams are overloaded with tasks that are slowing them down and taking time away from delivering the next best feature or solution, then RigD is a must have.Help your team take command now!
http://rigd.ioHere is a list of our current integrations
– PagerDuty
– StatusPage
– Jira Software
– OpsGenie
– DataDog
– AWS SNS ( no credentials required)
– Many other AWS Services (service role required)
with more coming every week!Contact developers at [email protected]