Ricotta Trivia Engage your remote team with fun trivia and custom ice-breaker quizzes.

Miss the daily water cooler talks at work? We hear you!Engage your remote team with some fun and engaging trivia. Host trivia contests, outperform your team on weekly contests and be the virtual trivia champ of your team with Ricotta trivia. It’s team bonding time!It’s Quiz O’Clock with Ricotta Trivia
Multiple ways to play and have fun. Nerd herd, assemble! Practice. Practice. Practice. – Practice trivia quizzes in the practice mode The host with the most – Host asynchronous trivia contests from a pool of 5000+ questions for team-building Create custom questions – Create custom training questions, ice-breakers, or fun quizzes. It’s a weekly trivia affair – Challenge yourself by taking the Ricotta Weekly Trivia Trivia of the day – Enjoy brain-teasing, witty trivia everyday.Why use Ricotta Trivia?1. Everything on Slack – No need to download another app or leave Slack. It’s fun and hassle-free!2. Play asynchronously – Play asynchronously, at your own pace. Aim for a podium finish by outscoring your work buddies!3. Choose your game type – 4 different ways to play – Practice, Host, Create, and Weekly Trivia4. Bring your team together – Bond with coworkers and take a break from work5. Employee Engagement for the win – Drive employee engagement by creating a positive team culture