Remind Us Advanced reminders for teams

Stop nagging your team. You hate it. They hate it. Now there’s a better way.RemindUs is an advanced reminder app built for Slack teams. Whether it be for timecards, status reports, project deadlines, or really anything else with a due date, now you can set it up once and let the bot tackle the busy work. FOLLOWS UP FOR YOU.  If someone hasn’t finished the task by the deadline, you can set up RemindUs to send them a direct message to let them know to follow up. No more tracking down people or distracting @channels. It also supports “pre-reminders” which let the team know the deadline is coming up. KEEPS YOU ORGANIZED.  Easily see who’s completed each task, who hasn’t done it yet, and who hasn’t responded yet. You can also see and respond to any reminders assigned to you. And RemindUs supports advanced logic for recurring reminders that will fit into your project cadences, such as “every other month on the 15, avoiding weekends, repeating 3 times.” YOUR TEAM WILL LOVE IT.  Built from the ground up to reduce stress for all involved, from eliminating the need for intense DMs to built in etiquette like honoring local time zones and weekends. RemindUs will free you up from annoying administrative exchanges so that you can support your team in meaningful ways.Focus on what matters
Don’t waste cycles tracking down who’s done what when
Organize and improve your compliance for team tasks
Don’t let important things fall through the cracksYou and your team are busy. Get a little help.