Regulr Treat every customer like a regular.

Regulr is a business service & customer friendly mobile app; facilitating personalized customer experiences throughout a community of businesses.Regulr enables local businesses within communities to deliver a consistently personalized customer experience just as online retail does via internet cookies.This is done by:
1. Customers download the Regulr app and opt in to getting exclusive service & offerings at their favorite Regulr retailers.
2. Businesses register with Slack or use their existing workspace; to receive Slack channel notifications in real-time when Regulr App users walk in their store.Business staff signs up for Slack or uses their existing workspace. They then partner with Regulr and integrate the Regulr Slack App into their channels. Once a user with the Regulr app enters their store they will receive notification directly within the Slack channel of their choice to view and take notes on that specific customer. This allows staff to personally engage their best customers in real-time directly within Slack.*Note: Our service currently requires you to have a bluetooth beacon setup at your physical store’s location. We can supply you with one or we can tell you about other options as well. This service is offered anywhere on the globe if you are able to obtain your own bluetooth beacons and work with us on getting the beacons UUID.