Refiner Micro Surveys for Data Driven SaaS Teams

Refiner is a customer survey tool for data driven SaaS teams. Our simple and beautiful survey widgets get you the responses you need to grow your business – on brand and perfectly timed.With Refiner you can ask your users any question while they are using your product. This is the moment when they are the most engaged and trust your brand. Unbeatable response rates and highly accurate data guaranteed!Gradually profile your users, trigger ultra-personalized nurturing campaigns, uncover great sales opportunities, research what to build next, measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), net promoter score (NPS), or customer effort score (CES). Refiner comes packed with all the survey tools you need to gain actionable insights.Refiner helps you to understand who your users really are, what they need and how you can help them achieve their goals. Get started for free today and increase conversion & retention rates with better customer data.Once connected to Slack, Refiner can send notifications about new survey responses directly to your team in Slack. You can choose to receive a notification in Slack whenever one of your users completes a survey, or when they match a specific segment in Refiner.Get support at: