Quandora Quandora is a Question & Answer Software that helps teams and communities share their knowledge in a fun and efficient way.

In order to get their work done, team members are constantly reaching out for help: for technical issues, customer information, company policies, best practices, and much more. Quandora Question & Answer enable teams and companies to ask questions, get answers, and share knowledge in an efficient, secure and pleasant way. Our customers include companies like Hubspot, Openlink, Sailthru, Clariant and many others.By installing Quandora for Slack, you can either:
– connect your Slack channels with an existing Quandora domain, if you’re already using Quandora
– or create a new Quandora domain to be linked to your Slack channels.In the second case, the newly created Quandora domain is free of charge for one month (no credit card required), allowing you to try it out. ¬†After one month, if you want to continue using Quandora, the price is $3/user/month. Contact us at [email protected] for enterprise pricing.After Quandora for Slack is installed, Slack users can log in to Quandora by authorizing it to use their Slack account. The Quandora account is automatically created at the first login (unless the user had a Quandora account prior to Quandora for Slack installation).Quandora users can opt to follow topics or other users, in which case they will receive email notifications about new questions or answers from those areas. They can configure the notification or unsubscribe altogether at any time.