Prod Pad Software for product teams to plan and build product roadmaps.

ProdPad is a product management tool built by product managers, for product managers. ProdPad helps product teams plan and prioritise their products together.This integration allows you to: – Push new ideas from slack, you can then add more information, attach customer feedback and update your product roadmap.
– Instantly search ProdPad for existing ideas using a simple command.
– Never miss a thing! The bot will alert you via slack when new ideas and feedback are added to your ProdPad account.
– Enable easy automated onboarding for new team members for ProdPad best practice.If you haven’t got an active account with ProdPad, simply start your seven day free trial to activate the bot.To complete the setup:
– Start a trial via
– Go to Integrations and select Slack
– Authorize and select your mappingFor a complete step by step guide please read: the trial period a paid account will need to be purchased to continue using ProdPad. Your trial starts out as 7 days and is extended as you complete various actions with ProdPad.