Pringa Simple, high engagement remote onboarding without ever leaving Slack

Pringa helps new-hires succeed, by enabling simple, high engagement onboardings right in Slack.Pringa has the onboarding best practices built right in. Read:
1. Harvard Business Review: Every new employee needs an onboarding buddy
2. Google: Connections, onboarding, and the need to belong
3. digitate: People who did NOT have a positive new hire user experience (NHUX) were 2x more likely to seek a different opportunity in the near future.How does it work?
• Onboarding channel: Pringa starts a Slack channel for onboarding the new hire and adds all stakeholders to the channel. The onboarding plan and the resources are also posted on the channel.
• Onboarding buddy program: Pringa facilitates 1:1s between the new hire and the onboarding buddy (aka mentor).
• Feedback: Collect actionable feedback from your new hires with a single click.
• Manager 1:1s: Managers will never miss a 1:1 with their new hires.
• Cross department intros: Pringa facilitates intros between your newest engineer and your rockstar Sales rep.
• Interest groups: Make it easy for your new hire to discover and join their interest groups, be it #football-gang or #bookworms
• Question & Answer book: Collaboratively build a Q&A book right inside Slack so that folks don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again.Works seamlessly with your tools
• Slack: Pringa works fully inside Slack
• Zoom: For the 1:1s
• BambooHR and Workday: Automatically setup onboardings and sync data to Pringa when your new hires are created in your HR tools.Join 100s of companies cracking remote work.Contact us
For demos and questions: [email protected]o[1]