PreciateGive and receive personalized recognition and connect with virtual socializing.

Preciate is an employee recognition and engagement platform whose purpose is building strong, authentic relationships through recognition and virtual socializing. As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to making this mission a reality for our users.

Stronger relationships at work (and beyond) have been shown to increase engagement and improve performance. Whether your team works remotely or is always in the office, form connections from anywhere with personalized recognition and high-quality virtual socializing.

With Preciate Recognition, give and receive in-the-moment messages of appreciation to strengthen your team’s bonds. Use badges and core value stickers to track important elements of your company’s culture. Get a live feed of recognition going to jumpstart motivation with public praise.

With Preciate Social, create virtual events for your team to get together from anywhere. Whether it’s a virtual coffee break or a virtual happy hour, Preciate Social will make it special with features like built-in icebreakers, premium music channels, 3D background themes, and more.

The Preciate Slack app is always free to use and syncs seamlessly with Preciate apps on the web, mobile, and email. Advanced functionality for companies and team leaders is available. Go to for more information about features and pricing tiers for every budget.

To get started today, install the app and sign up for a Preciate account. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or visit our Help Center at

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