PomodusFocus! Productivity tool meets interruption killer!

Pomodus is an app that makes it easier to stay focused and reduce interruptions.It combines the power of proven productivity techniques for planning your work with the power of Slack for silencing notifications and communicating to your team that you’re busy and don’t want to be disturbed.Connect Pomodus to your Slack Workspaces and then as soon as you begin working on a task it shows everyone that you’re “deep-working” and when it’s OK to talk to you again.
Explore and export your history log, including statistics on completed and cancelled cycles. Use the free plan or upgrade to the paid version for unlimited tasks and the ability to search, sort and export unlimited events.Features:- Configurable productivity timer
– Connects to Slack Workspaces
– Status emoticon marks you as busy and show when you’ll be available
– Review your stats, search your history & understand where the time went
–   Use it for standups, reviews and retrospectives
–   Export it to track time and bill clientsBenefits:- Take back control of your time and stay in the zone longer
– Feel more productive and experience greater satisfaction as you accomplish more
– Eliminate the need for separate time tracking (if you’re a contractor)
– Fewer long days and more free time

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