Polymer DLP VCOMonitor & Alert Users of Personal Identifiable Information in messages.

As featured on SecurityWeek and #3 on Product Hunt in July 2020.
Polymer enables real-time detection, and more importantly redaction, of sensitive material such as PII, HIPAA-protected health information, and regulated financial information in popular collaboration tools like Slack, Zendesk, Zoom, Github and more. Instant redaction allows users to communicate and collaborate at full speed without the need to police documents ahead of time or the worry of inadvertent transfer of sensitive information.Getting Started:
Be sure to have your workplace admin install the free app so all teams have access to the service. Set up notifications to send emails and track alerts to IT security. To find out more about the redaction feature of Polymer reach us here.PII Data examples:
Standard PII: Age, Credit Card Number, Email, Ethnic Group, Name, Location, Phone Number
IDs: Driver’s License Number, Taxpayer ID, Passport Number, Social Security Number, Vehicle ID
Finance: IBAN, SWIFT, CUSIP, Routing Numbers
Health: ICD, FDA, DEA, NPI
Network: IP Address, Hardware ID, MAC Address
Crypto: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Addresses & Private Keys
Custom: API Keys, your application UUIDs, and much more.
100+ file types supported (e.g. xls/xlsx, doc/docx, csv, plain text, ppt/pptx, PDF, HTML, etc.).

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