Pointagram The gamification tool for everyone

Compete, Motivate and Engage your team. Pointagram is a gamification tool that increases motivation and team achievements. It keeps your team focused and helps you celebrate great performance together. With Pointagram you get a set of game mechanics. Collect points, win a trophy or take a side mission to win a badge. Pointagram has great features such as competitions, both individual or team-based.  A Badge system that keeps the players engaged. A quest system for surveys and quizzes that collects feedback and educates the players.It’s everything you need to boost your team! The App:
Pointagram posts a post into selected Slack channel when:
– point is scored
– badge is awarded
– competition has ended
Also, Pointagram schedules daily competition updates into your Slack channel.  Start for free with our Business Plan How to Install:
– Head to https://www.pointagram.com/slack-gamification and sign up
– Go to Profile – > Settings – > Integrations – > Add Slack from the list
– Then press on authenticate
– Done