PlaiPerform better as part of an engaged team.

Plai is your assistant to create engaged teams and perform better . Built with simplicity in mind, designed for millennials. With Plai, you can:  Set moonshot Objectives and measurable Key Results (OKRs).  Track progress and monitor the dashboard.  Receive real-time Slack updates.  Share constructive, timely feedback.  Conduct 1:1s and performance reviews.  Track the meeting notes and action items.Plai is as simple to start as with the spreadsheets, except it’s much more efficient and free to try !Use Plai bot to:  receive smart notifications to update your OKRs or set goals when the planning cycle is due.  stay on track of the goals and progress with real-time updates when your or your team’s OKR is updated.  Share valuable feedback with your friends.  Receive useful tips and suggestions to share feedback and the best practices.Modern, forward-thinking companies are using Plai:”Plai has helped us to align all the company around common Objectives, increase transparency, engagement, and visibility. It’s effortless to use, and the team adoption is sky-high. Plai also helped us encourage regular and constructive peer-to-peer feedback. We feel that Plai aligns with our values of freedom and responsibility, continuous learning, and transparency.”
– Dima Kovalenko, co-founder & CEO at Uptech. Try for free and perform better in an engaged team with Plai:  sign up at

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