Pivotal Tracker View, share, create, and update Pivotal Tracker stories from Slack

Pivotal Tracker and Slack both help you communicate and get things done with your team.  Tracker is changing how teams build software and Slack is where work communication happens.  That’s why we’ve built a Pivotal Tracker app for Slack to help connect the work your team has prioritized with the communication tool you love to use!Every day, teams use Pivotal Tracker to smartly manage software projects.  Now, you can view, share, create, and update stories in Tracker directly from Slack.Here’s a look at what we’ve built:
– Receive notifications when mentioned in comments and blockers
– Easily share stories with coworkers in Slack
– Create new stories in Tracker from Slack
– Update story statesIf you have feedback you would like to share with us, please send an email to [email protected]