Ping Turk Cloud-based web site testing

PingTurk ( is a cloud-based web performance analysis platform which enables companies to measure performance and availability of their servers and be notified of incidents. The fast emerging platform provides multiple monitoring capabilities for multiple protocols. ICMP/TCP Ping, DNS, HTTP/S GET/POST, SSH Custom Sockets requests are executed from multiple locations that are geographically dispersed across Turkey. Measurement interval ranges as low as 1 minute are available on the platform. The platform also offers Full Page Load(FPL), RBL (Real-time Blacklist) and Email roundtrip advanced checks.The PingTurk Slack Application enables Pingturk to get a webhook endpoint to your channel, where all notifications related to your monitors can be posted. You can enable/disable these postings anytime from your control panel.PingTurk Slack notifications are a feature that are offered to paid service subscribers.Please visit the following URL for integration steps: