Pager Duty Spend less time reacting to incidents and more time developing for the future.

The PagerDuty platform for real-time operations revolutionizes businesses by harnessing data from a complex digital ecosystem. Over 12,000 enterprises and small to mid-size organizations globally trust PagerDuty to transform real-time signals into opportunities that empower teams to improve operations, deliver excellent customer experiences, and accelerate innovation.  With the certified bi-directional Slack integration, users can collaborate with one another and trigger, view, acknowledge, and resolve PagerDuty incidents directly in Slack. Integration setup and authentication can be completed effortlessly, allowing users to quickly integrate PagerDuty and Slack in their incident resolution workflows.What’s New
– Ability to trigger incidents form Slack by running /pd trigger
– Ability to view who is on call by running the slash command /pd oncall
– Easily onboard new users to PagerDuty by running /pd invite @slack_user
– New notification design, including the ability to see “contexts” from monitoring tools, right within Slack
– Ability to view Incident Priority in the notification
– Ability to escalate incidents from Slack (in the “More Actions” menu)
– Ability to run a PagerDuty Response Play from Slack by using the “More Actions” menu
– Ability to pull in critical information shared during collaboration into a PageDuty incident via a WorkFlow Builder StepWorkflow steps supported:
– Trigger an incident in PagerDuty