OTTT Our Time To Think

Your team is struggling. They are frustrated by interruptions and the feeling of being frazzled by too many context switches at the end of the day. You need to show them you care about their well being by dedicating blocks of interruption-free time during the day for them to focus and get things done!Our Time To Think helps block distractions for your team by turning on everyone’s Do Not Disturb (DND) status for configurable periods of time throughout the day. It’s like a pomodoro-tool that synchronizes sessions for your entire team.When you use OTTT in a Slack channel, it will find all members of that channel then set their DND status in Slack for the amount of time requested.You can also upgrade to a paid plan that will let your team schedule OTTT sessions for your week so that your team can rely on their blocks of time where they know they can get their work done, and link multiple Slack workspaces to synchronize your DND status across them automatically.