One Squad Run standup meetings, collect feedback, praise efforts, track suggestions, run custom surveys, quick polls & more!

Collect regular feedback, run standups, praise team efforts, get anonymous suggestions & interact with your team better. Create custom questionnaire that can be scheduled to be sent out to people you choose at times you choose. Build Daily standup reports, Mood surveys, Custom polls and more. Get reports delivered into the channel/DM you choose. Reports include overall statistics & every individual response. Praise and appreciate your employees using the /kudos command. Reward employees based on the Kudos stats. Get instant statistics on which teammate has most kudos with /kudos-report. Collect direct feedback from employees with /message and /anonymous commands. Anonymous command can be used if the user doesn’t wish to reveal their identity. Following commands with a tag wrapped in angle brackets can help the admin classify messages better. Track & reply to inbound messages from a well designed dashboard in the OneSquad App. Create custom workflows that trigger an action based on various events. Integrate with third part tools such as Trello & Github to do related actions. Some of the possible workflows include: Send anonymous suggestions to a Trello card, Pushes answers to a collector into a Google Sheet & more!