One Pgr Meet Online Meetings with integrated voice/video, & recording to drive and track your projects.

Onepgr helps you create Contextual, Persistent Meeting Page for each Channel for your ongoing channel conversations. In addition, You can create meetings for ad-hoc, topical discussions while selectively inviting users allowing you to extend your Slack conversations to hold online meetings, collaborate in real-time as well as record meetings for review later.Specifically, this integration allows you to following things from your Slack work-space: Create Onepgr Meeting Page for your Slack Channel allowing all channel users to join meetings and view recording without remembering any meeting join URLs. If you only want a few key peers in your Slack workspace to join the meeting in the Onpegr Meeting page then you can do so by inviting specific users to the join the meeting by making join link only visible to those specific users. You can create an entirely new Onepgr meetings/page by giving it your own custom title where you can discuss your own topic other than those specific your channel meeting page. You can select any one of your already existing Onepgr Meetings/Page from your Slack to resume the meeting and/or add more contents as well as discuss further on those meetings without copying pasting the Onepgr meeting page URL or going through your Onepgr account All Onepgr Meeting pages support the following:- HD Video
– High-quality audio with dial-in telephony & active-user display
– Integrated document repository with annotation/commenting support
– Integrated Smart recordings with transcription, sentiment analysis, keyword tagging Pricing: OnePgr Meeting Spaces “Basic” version is available free of charge to an organization. For additional pricing information, please visit: