One Drive and Share Point Search, share and preview your OneDrive & SharePoint Online files right from Slack

Search, share and preview your OneDrive or SharePoint Online files right from Slack. Then automatically adjust permissions so the right team members have the right access.Share files without leaving Slack
No need to open a new tab to hunt down a link to a file — it’s easy to search for documents and share them right from Slack. Start by clicking the  paperclip button on the right side of the message field, or visit the OneDrive and SharePoint app’s home tab in Slack. Preview docs, presentations, and more
When you share a file link in Slack, the OneDrive and SharePoint app will add a rich preview of the document, so you and your team can easily gather context before opening the file.Share with the right people
The OneDrive and SharePoint app checks when you share a file to make sure everyone in the conversation has access and automatically offers to update the link for you if they don’t.Install the app and share a OneDrive or SharePoint Online link to get started!