OfficeSpaceConnect with your workplace. Find everything you need, fast.

OfficeSpace integrates with Slack to help your employees connect with the people, rooms, desks, and resources they need to stay productive.Here’s everything your team can do with the OfficeSpace Slack app.• Find what you need, fast
Type /find or /locate to quickly search for whatever you need—colleagues, resources, rooms.• Find, book, and check into rooms
Type /find_rooms to locate nearby rooms and manage your bookings.• Check into desks
Booked a desk for the day? Check in to your reservation via automated push notifications.• Get notified when a booking is canceled
If your room or desk booking is canceled for any reason, you’ll receive a push notification via Slack.• Manage Safeguard forms
Receive a push notification via Slack and a link to complete and submit your Safeguard form before entering the office.A paid OfficeSpace Software subscription is required to use this app.

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