Numici Extend conversations into documents and web pages

With Numici app for Slack, your conversations in Slack can seamlessly extend into documents and web pages.• When a user finds a document or web page of interest to the channel members, all he has to do is add one or more highlights to the document or web page using Numici. 
• The highlighted text or image is transparently posted by Numici to the appropriate Slack channel. 
• By clicking on the deep link (arrow pointing to top right) in the message posted by Numici, Slack users can open the highlight and associated conversation in context in the document or web page. 
• Any comments or replies in Numici are posted as a Slack thread attached to that highlight. 
• When users in the Slack channel reply in the Slack thread, the conversation in the document or web page is automatically updated. Numici is a cloud application that lets you organize, highlight, annotate and synthesize content in documents and web pages, including PDF documents rendered by web sites. You can collaborate with your team in conversations around these highlights and annotations. With Numici app for Slack, you can extend your conversations into documents and web pages. Slash CommandsUse Numici app for Slack to connect, configure and receive messages corresponding to events in Numici in Slack channels or as Direct Messages from Numici app. Numici app supports the following commands from Slack. Command parameters shown inside [ ] are optional./numici connect []
/numici disconnect
/numici find “keywords” 
/numici info
/numici manageFor a list of all Slash commands
/numici help For detailed help about a specific Slash command
/numici help