NorthStarNorthStar by GrowthHackers

Engage your entire company to help deliver growth results.No individual growth hacker or even a growth team can outperform a company where everyone is mobilized to accelerate growth. However, in most companies, the broader team has very little impact on growth. NorthStar will help you keep your broader team engaged to help drive breakout growth.Focus your team on the best opportunities for growth.Growth teams face frustrations when they try to test around high impact opportunities such as new customer onboarding. Product teams generally prefer to focus all resources on the long term roadmap and bug fighting. NorthStar will give your broader team the context to stay aligned around driving improvement across the full customer journey.Increase your team’s learning velocity.Today’s fastest growing companies have all driven breakout growth by mobilizing their entire teams around growth. They are constantly discovering new and better ways to accelerate growth. But building these learning habits is hard. NorthStar will help your entire company embrace the approach that has driven breakout growth at Airbnb, Dropbox and Facebook.NorthStar integrates with a full suite of industry leading a/b testing, analytics and project management solutions and we continue to add new integrations regularly.With NorthStar Slack App you will be able to:• Receive team notifications for important events like new Cards created, new Objectives created, Cards added to Objectives, Cards progress through the Workflow, etc.
• Receive direct messages for new mentions or assignment in NorthStar.
• Create ideas directly from Slack using a slash commands (ie: /idea [Name]) – Coming Soon
• Interact with the NorthStar bot for a lot of useful new features. – Coming SoonWe’ll keep adding useful features in the future and will make sure our bot keeps you informed when they are released.

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