Netskope for Slack Enterprise Prevent loss of sensitive data & gain visibility into usage of your Slack Enterprise account

By deploying the Netskope Introspection app, you as the IT admin, will get visibility into the usage of your Slack account – users and their messages, snippets, posts and files. As an IT admin, you can then:Discover and control sensitive content – Netskope Introspection app enables you to discover content posted in Slack, whether it was uploaded yesterday or years ago.  Once you know which files or message violate your DLP policies, you can take action like download them for legal or IT review. Know how data is shared by users and with whom – Netskope Introspection app shows you the sensitive content in Slack. You can see the sharing status (private, internally shared, externally shared or public) of your sensitive messages and files and understand who has access. You can see DLP violations by file type and user, and easily find out who your biggest violators are. Use industry-leading DLP – Netskope for Slack includes industry-leading data loss prevention (DLP) with language-independent content inspection and support for more than 3,000 data identifiers and 500 file types. Take advantage of keyword search, pattern matching, and proximity analysis and use Netskope predefined or easily create custom profiles for PII, PCI, PHI, source code, and custom RegEx.Notify using Slack – Netskope Bot can be used to direct message users and organization owners to notify them of any sensitive data violations. ** Please note that after installing the Netskope Introspection app you will also need an account on Netskope Platform to take advantage of the features of this app. All the features listed above will be provided on the Netskope Platform. ** Once you have the Netskope Platform account, set up an Introspection instance for your Slack Enterprise account. In order to install the Netskope Bot, you will need to provide team information from your Slack Enterprise and grant access to the Bot. ** The option to send notification using the bot has to be enabled in the Introspection policy on the Netskope Platform. Once enabled, users and/or owners will be notified in case of a policy violationTo learn more about our product, visit us at