NativeFormsBuild forms, surveys & polls for Slack

Build forms, surveys & polls for Slack.Notify a channel in Slack with real-time form responses so you can react in an instant.Few possible uses of NativeForms:
• Bug Report
• Feature Request
• Website Feedback
• Lead generator
• Schedule a call
• Customer Satisfaction Survey – NPS
• Product feedback
• Contact supportWhat features do we provide?
• One click to connect with Slack
• Slack bot for notifying channels
• Send forms via email
• Create contacts when form is completed
• Google Sheet Integration
• Form Editor
• Admin panel
• Email notifications
• NativeForms Widget
• Jira, HubSpot, Intercom, Discord, Mailchimp integrations
• Export data to .CSVHow to use?
• Create new form
• Connect with Slack
• Start sending form to your users

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