Moqups Shape your ideas and collaborate on wireframes, diagrams and prototypes

Collaborate on wireframes, diagrams, mockups, and prototypes, and provide essential feedback right on the design.Moqups helps your entire team – Designers, Business Analysts, System Architects, Product Managers, Development Teams and Clients – streamline workflow, clarify requirements, and get just-in-time validation.With Moqups for Slack, your team can easily monitor progress on Moqups projects directly from Slack channels.  Our integration is quick to set up and seamless to use.With Moqups for Slack, your team can:
– Sign up or log in to Moqups with their Slack account
– Push notifications from Moqups projects to one or more Slack channels
– Receive comments and  thread-status updates (resolved, reopened, deleted) in their Slack channel
– Click through to go directly from Slack to the Moqups project, page, and comment thread
– Keep Moqups projects just a click away for quick reference and updatesContact developers at Support