Minus BoardMinus Board whiteboard Slack integration

Minus Board is a sharable whiteboard app for iPad. You can draw on the whiteboard and share your drawing with anyone via the sharing code or link. This Slack app allows you to sync your whiteboard drawing from the iPad app to Slack channels.To use this Slack app, you need to download the iPad app first, which can be found herehttps://itunes.apple.com/us/app/minus-board/id1170370265?mt=8Also please notice that the whiteboard sharing is a paid service, it can be purchased in the app. However, we do provide seven days free trial.Whiteboard snapshot command:/mb Usage example:To post a whiteboard snapshot given sharing code GH12DK, you can type /mb GH12DKin the channel you like and submit. To get help information, you can also type/mb help

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