Microsoft Teams Calls Start and join Teams video calls directly from Slack

Slack brings teams together to speed up collaboration, but some conversations are simply more efficient face-to-face. With the Microsoft Teams Calls app, it’s easy to quickly launch a Teams video call right in Slack, seamlessly moving from discussions to face-to-face calls.Start a Teams video call right from Slack
Launch a call in Slack with the /teams-calls slash command. Before joining, get a quick glance at who’s already on the call and when the call kicked off.Jump from Slack straight into a meeting
Gone are the days of fumbling for meeting links—join Teams meetings directly from calendar reminders in Slack, using the Outlook or Google Calendar apps.Customize call settings for your team
Set Microsoft Teams Calls as your default calling provider, so anyone can start a video call in Teams with a quick click of the phone button in Slack.