Meta Cert Security Security app to keep your company safe from Phishing attacks.

MetaCert is the most established security solution designed for Slack. This app protects more companies and communities of all sizes from Phishing, Malware and XXX content than any other security solution.The app checks every URLs posted anywhere in Slack and instantly alerts users and administrators when if the link is a potential threat.Single sign-on and cloud-based security products don’t always work on Slack when users are mobile. MetaCert is complementary to these services. It can also be used as a standalone solution. Once installed, MetaCert is integrated into the fabric of your Slack. It doesn’t matter where your users are located, what network they are connected to, or what device they use. MetaCert is added to all public and private channels by default. It is the only solution that can add security to your Direct Messages. On the backend, MetaCert has the world’s most advanced threat intelligence system with the world’s biggest database of classified URLs. We helped to create the W3C Standard for URL Classification and we own a full patent for in-app anti-phishing protection. Other security companies that build solutions for Slack rely on third-party data from companies like MetaCert.MetaCert provides a full dashboard of link and file analytics – useful for companies that care about regulatory compliance. See who’s sharing what, where and how, across your entire Slack inside your personal monitoring console.Sign up for a 7 day free trial. No credit card or contract required. Simply remove the app to cancel your subscription at any time. And if you’re not happy with the service you can tell us within 90 days and we will give you a full refund.