Melting PotThe wholesome team builder

Welcome To Melting PotLet’s make the world more fun! Melting Pot is the ultimate team building AI and a must have for every organization!What makes Melting Pot the greatest team building AI that ever was: Fully Customizable Pairings Match and pair at any time and at any frequency! Pick groups between 2-8 people and let Melting Pot do the rest of the work! Want to pair once a month? No problem! Want to pair every thirty minutes for a round of speed dating? Also not a problem!Custom Themes: Need some theming for a special occasion? Melting Pot has you covered! Anti-Duplication Algorithm As long as you don’t stop Melting Pot, you will never be paired with an identical group twice in a row. No limits on usage: You can use Melting Pot in as many channels as you like, with as many users as you like!Free: Money should never be a blocker to creating unforgettable memories! Our mission is to create long-lasting relationships with the people closest to you.

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