We hate useless meetings

We hate useless meetings, and we bet so do you.
Let us help you and your teammates to, finally, get rid of them at work. breaks the vicious cycle of useless meetings with our simple, elegant, and practical features. Automatic Preparation
As soon as you accept a meeting invitation, we will automatically find and book a 15-minutes free slot in your schedule.
Be always prepared. Feedback Loop
Never lose again the opportunity to improve your meetings. At the end of the ones you organize, we will ask if you would like to get feedback from the participants. We take care of all the steps.—
Slack Integrations
Automatic Preparation
Coming soonFeedback Loop
Our Slack bot offers you a direct way to collect feedback from the participants of a meeting you organize. For that, you just need to connect your account to Slack, and, as soon as a meeting you are holding ends, we are going to ask if you would like to gather feedback from participants. If so, we are going to message them with the feedback survey and manage all the responses.
You can access the result of all feedback surveys going to the bot Home
And also manage your settings .