McAfee Skyhigh for SlackEnables organizations using Slack to enforce security, compliance, and governance policies

McAfee Skyhigh enforces DLP policies for files and messages across Slack channels to ensure compliance with regulations and internal policies. McAfee Skyhigh supports DLP rules based on keywords, data identifiers, user groups, and regular expressions. Enforcement actions include coach users, notify administrator, block, encrypt, quarantine, and tombstone. Leverage pre-built industry templates, create custom policies in McAfee Skyhigh, or leverage policies in an existing on-premises DLP solution.McAfee Skyhigh also captures a complete record of all user activity in Slack and leverages machine learning to analyze activity across multiple heuristics and accurately detect threats. As a comprehensive cloud security platform, McAfee Skyhigh can detect cross-cloud threats that involve usage across Slack and other cloud services. As threats are resolved, McAfee Skyhigh automatically incorporates this data into its behavioral models to improve detection accuracy.

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