Lunch Buddies Meet random teammates for lunch

Builds relationships between teammates by coordinating random lunch groups.To initiate the process, invite the Lunch Buddies bot to any channel and say @Lunch Buddies create. This will send a message to each member of the current channel asking if they want to participate.The default options are: Yes (12:00), and No, but you can customize by saying @Lunch Buddies create 1145, 1230.The default group size is 6, but this can be customize by saying @Lunch Buddies create 1145, 1230 size=4You can also create polls using the legacy /lunch_buddies_create slash command. Regardless of where this command is invoked, it will poll the members of the #lunch_buddies channel.It is possible to have multiple polls going at the same time; they are uniquely defined by the channel from which they were created.Once everyone has answered, go back to the same channel from which the poll was created and write @Lunch Buddies close. This will randomly group the responders by their answer and start a private group message for each group.If you created the poll with the slash command /lunch_buddies_create, you should close it with the slash command /lunch_buddies_close.If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please send an email to [email protected]