LoopioEasily search your Library and get updates on Projects

The Loopio App makes searching your Library and responding to RFPs, Security Questionnaires, and DDQs easier than ever. With the Loopio App you can:Easily search your Library for your most compelling sales knowledge, so you always have your best, most up-to-date content at your fingertips
Stay up-to-date as work progresses with notifications and reminders about your assigned Projects
Never miss another deadline. Every morning you’ll receive an overview of your assigned work so you can tackle your day with confidence.New to Loopio?
Loopio supercharges you and your team’s RFP, Security Questionnaire, and DDQ response process. With the Loopio Platform you can:Centralize and Manage Company Knowledge
Curate and organize your company knowledge in a centralized library that can be accessed, reviewed, and updated with ease.Take Collaboration to the Next Level
Empower teams across your organization to assign questions, gather insights, and review final responses.Increase Your Team’s Efficiency
Supercharge your response process with powerful workflows that will save time and allow your team to focus on what matters to them.Ready to install the Loopio App to your Slack workspace? Simply go to the “Integrations” page within the Admin panel of your Loopio Account. Want to learn more about how Loopio can help your team reduce their response time by 35%? Request a demo today: https://www.loopio.com/demo

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