Loco Loco lets you talk to your data like you talk to your coworkers, except with less attitude.

Loco is the easiest way on the planet to create your own databases, either from scratch or directly from our App Library.Every group or team can use Loco to build their own data, organize them into decks, cards, and sets. Each one can be as unique as you like, and each card can support any number of document attachments. This is the database and document management system you’ve been waiting for!Loco integrates with Slack to allow conversational commands to your data, including a simple structured find operation. Loco apps can also utilize Slack as a notification mechanism. Let your data tell you and your team what you need to know, instead of always having to query your data.By installing the Loco Slack App, you automatically will be registered in the Loco application with a Loco account. Every account may be opened with only an email address, and is free to use for 60 days. To utilize the account and app beyond the beta trial, you may be asked by Loco customer support to provide credit card information and sign up for a paid account. Transition to a paid account will only occur with your approval.