Linc Get Linc build status updates + per-commit preview links

Linc is a front-end focused continuous delivery platform. When you connect Linc bot to Slack, you can get notified instantly of your Linc build status events as well receive per-commit preview links for all your environments.Simply push a new commit and Linc bot will notify you when your build completes.  For failed builds, Linc bot posts a direct link to the build log so you can instantly find out what went wrong. For successful builds, Linc bot posts unique and shareable preview links so you can instantly view a live deployment of your code change in your browser.In order to use the Linc Slack App, you must have a Linc account. See for more information on our pricing.If you already have a Linc account, you can add Linc bot to Slack from the settings page of one of your Linc sites.