Lexi by Peoplelogic.aiMission Control for Your Team

Use Lexi by Peoplelogic.ai to get automated prescriptive guidance and insights for managers directly within Slack.We built Peoplelogic.ai to make growth scalable. Peoplelogic is a platform that monitors, alerts, and predicts outcomes around immediate risks and opportunities within your business. Peoplelogic keeps an eye on the health of your company 24/7, 365—so you can focus your time where it really counts. Lexi by Peoplelogic.ai will automatically surface insights and recommendations tailored to your team, based on the data they are generating across a number of popular platforms. Interact with Lexi by Peoplelogic.ai using natural language to dig deeper and learn the inner workings of your team and what makes them tick. Use command’s like:
– /lexi show me daily sales activity by team member
– /lexi show me top employee by stay factor
– /lexi show emotional range by skillWith Lexi by Peoplelogic.ai, you get untethered access to the insights, recommendations, and data within your Peoplogic account—empowering managers with prescriptive guidance at your fingertips.

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