LEAD.BotBuild a culture of connection & learning

Workplace friendship and mentorships can all start with a simple virtual coffeeConnect with your coworkers to build relationships, share knowledge and increase collaboration. Empower your organization with LEAD.Bot.Connecting colleagues

With just one click, LEAD.Bot introduces coworkers from different teams or locations via direct message and encourages them to meet up for virtual , , or for a mentoring program. People learn best from each other – with a simple lunch or coffee program, you can create a culture where coworkers are confident about collaboration.

Here’s just some of the things LEAD.Bot can help you do: Introduce new hires to their new managers
Collaborate with teams from different offices around the globe
Start peer mentorship programs
Keep you remote employees connected to the office
Run lotteries to meet with the executives

How It WorksWhen the app is installed, LEAD.Bot automatically creates #coffee-matching, where anyone can choose to join and be matched with others in the channel. You can also add @LEAD.Bot to any channel you’d like – public or private ­– to match people within specific groups. To invite LEAD.Bot, any user can simply type “/invite @LEAD.Bot ” in that channel.

Our algorithm prioritizes matching members who don’t usually interact on Slack, so you’ll be meeting new people and exchanging new ideas in every single match.

You can also get detailed reports from LEAD.Bot so you know who’s been matching up and catching up.

Customize LEAD.Bot to match your team* Include your entire organization – match an unlimited number of users for free
* Group into pairs, triplets, quadruplets or more. Configure your group sizes from 2 to 8 users
* Customize your own introduction messages/icebreakers to fit your workplace
* Make matches on whatever schedule works best for your team (monthly, weekly, multiple times per week)

Testimonials“LEAD is the most comprehensive and well-designed platform to enhance company culture through employee pairing, striving to nail everything a company needs to keep employees happy and ready for next-level growth.”
— Adam Traidman, CEO of BRD

Ask LEAD.Bot “schedule” for upcoming match times
“about” for information about the app installation
“support” to contact us

LEAD.Bot currently offers a bi-weekly coffee meetup function on Slack for free. If you want to send out matches weekly, monthly or even on a different day, please access LEAD.bot’s Advanced Dashboard in Slack. If you can’t see the Advanced Dashboard button on LEAD.bot’s home tab in Slack, we’re happy to help! Please drop us a line [email protected] If you are interested in customized matching preferences, detailed matching data insights, or would like to try more advanced informal learning or mentorship programs, please visit our homepage at https://lead.app or contact us at [email protected]

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