LanguageBotStart translating languages in Slack for free. Suitable for international teams and students learning new languages.

• Start translating languages quickly and easily in Slack• 5000 free character translation credits for testing• Translations are instant, accurate and context aware• Powered by state of the art machine learning & artificial intelligence• Suitable for multi-lingual international teams and students learning new languages• All languages listed can be translated to and from English for an easy conversational flow• Developed for rapid communication between foreign language speaking team membersSimply use the available language slash / commands, followed by the text you want translated/languagebot LanguageBot help/spanish Translate English to Spanish!/french Translates English to French!/chinese Translates English to Chinese/arabic Translate English to Arabic/german Translate English to German/italian Translate English to Italian/japanese Translate English to Japanese/portuguese Translate English to Portuguese/russian Translate English to RussianYou can also translate from these languages into English with the following slash commands/fr-en français – anglais/es-en español – inglés/pt-en português – inglês/ch-en 普通话 – 英语/jp-en 日本語 – 英語/it-en italiano – inglese/ar-en اللغة الإنجليزية  – اللغة الإنجليزية/ru-en русский – английский/de-en deutsch – englisch”We use LanguageBot daily to communicate with our
overseas clients and software engineering teams.”
— 2019 ARKLAB PTY. LTD. Sydney, AustraliaFor more information and pricing visit https://www.languagebot.ioTwitter

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