Language Translation Bot Real time automatic language translation bot

Language Translation Bot automatically translates all the messages in the channel to the desired language in real timeYou can set the bot to translate a message in a channel to over 100 languages. You can also enable personal translation; this will translate all the words in a channel or DM to user-specific language. This feature will allow you to communicate seamlessly without having to know a common language.After installing the bot, add it to the channel or direct message where you need translations. To invite the bot to a channel type /invite @untangleOnce the bot is added it will walk you through the setup. You can change the settings at any point by typing /untangle and then choose “Settings”We recommend that you authorize the app, for inline translation display. You can do it right from the app by typing /untangle notify. The bot will send you and other channel members a direct message with an inbuilt authorization option. To upgrade from the trial plan at any point type /untangle and choose “Account”, then “Upgrade”.