Knowi Search-based analytics | Ask questions from your Knowi data in Slack.

Data-driven insights should be for everyone, not just those fluent in SQL. Enter Knowi. Knowi is a unified analytics platform that allows you to ask questions of your data using natural language queries and share the results with your team.Our Slack integration brings this feature right to your Slack channels, allowing you to type “/Knowi” and type out questions like:* What was our average sale value last quarter?
* What orders are on hold?
* Show me the sum of order totals by product lineThis integration will allow you to:
– Set up intelligent alert rules to monitor your KPIs and receive alerts directly in Slack.
– Use /knowi to ask questions from your Knowi data and receive insights with visualization in Slack
– Automate your recurring reports to keep your whole team focused on the same metrics and goals