Kiwi Connect Tableau and Slack the easy way

Kiwi lets you connect Tableau and Slack to increase your team’s data intelligence and save your analyst’s valuable time.Kiwi is the fast and easy Tableau-Slack integration that enables your team to get Tableau reports in seconds. While Tableau is a great BI tool, constrained and cumbersome access can limit its value and impact drastically. Kiwi solves this by making your Tableau reports collaborative and accessible within Slack.Making data available to your team allows them to make better, data-driven decisions every day.Request, preview and share any report with the easy Kiwi Command
– /kiwi opens up a visual search bar and scroll down menu with all reports
– /kiwi [search term] searches through all report names and filters to get you what you need
– Live Filtering lets you filter views directly in SlackPush the right report to anyone at the right time
– Schedule reports to be pushed to channels, teams or individuals automatically
– E-Mail bursting for clients, partners and other stakeholders outside your Slack team
– Make meaningful business insights instantly visible to your team or entire organisationBuilt for collaborative and fast teams that love Slack
– Add to Slack and login with your existing Slack account – no separate registration needed
– Enterprise-grade role based access control (RBAC) to manage access to data
– User-friendly, great looking and collaborative on desktop and mobileTrusted by over 1,000 teams and hundred thousands of users around the world.To discover the best Tableau client besides Tableau sign up for a free trial on or just add to Slack and type /kiwi.