KitsuQuery for Anime and Manga from Slack

This app lets you retrieve information from You can search users, anime, manga and groups in the default compact mode, or in extended mode. It also supports unfurling Kitsu links into rich previews. By logging in with your Kitsu credentials via /login, you can enable additional features, specifically following users and adding/editing media. If you don’t have an account, head over to to get started.Commands:/user [(ex)tended] [username] – Lookup a User
/user [(ex)tended] [@username] – Lookup by Slack name
/anime [(ex)tended] [anime title] – Lookup an Anime
/manga [(ex)tended] [manga title] – Lookup a Manga
/login [username] [password] – Login to Kitsu
/kitsuhelp – Show this messagePrivacy Policy:Your Kitsu credentials are not stored. They are exchanged for a key which is stored in a private database which is used to make authenticated requests to the Kitsu API on your behalf.Your Slack user and team ids are stored anonymously on the same private database, and are only used for looking up your user. No other Slack data is stored.

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