Just Call Automatically send your calling activities and voicemails to Slack channel

JustCall is a an online phone system software to get phone numbers in 58 countries and make, receive and track phone calls using these numbers from your computer, web app or mobile apps. Also, get appointment scheduler and click to call for your website visitors.JustCall & Slack integration brings all your business calling activities to a channel in Slack. As a team, you can keep a track of outbound, inbound and missed calls – without going away from Slack. Missed a call? No worries, JustCall sends voicemails to your channel so that you can play & listen to messages right from your Slack window. To make sure, everyone in your team is on the same page – you get updates if someone has generated or deleted a phone number or if you have added a new member in your JustCall account.In short, JustCall & Slack work together seamlessly and keep you updated about any calling activity in real time. Get started with JustCall in 30 seconds – https://justcall.io – ┬áTry it today for $7.5 for the first month.