Invoco Telecomshow telephone call detail information

Invoco Telecom provide Hosted PBX and Virtual Telephone Numbers to thousands of UK based clients.With this app we’ll post useful details about your inbound telephone calls to Slack. Customize the message text to suit your needs using smart tags to insert the call details. We have tags for the following:• Caller. The number of the person who called you e.g. 01527306000
• Callee. Your invoco number e.g. 08008527000
• Duration. The duration of the telephone call in hours, minutes and seconds e.g. 00:03:45
• Start. The time the telephone call started e.g. 22-Dec-17 16:16:09
• Description. The short description of your invoco number e.g. sales lineIn order to use this app you’ll need to sign up for an invoco account from as little as 99p per month.

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