InVision AppStreamline your design workflow by bringing the feedback process right into Slack.

With InVision for Slack, design better, faster—together.Connect a prototype to a channel, so when it’s updated, changes are pushed to the channel and made visible to your whole team. Changes you make to InVision projects—like comments, screen changes, and project statuses—automatically sync with Slack. Get instant notifications, previews of changes, and click through to comment. And, you can customize your Slack sync for each project.With this integration, your team can:
• Push prototype activity like status changes or new comments to a channel
• Share individual screens in a channel
• Automatically push screen status changes, the addition of new collaborators, the viewing of share links, and more to your channel
• Launch Craft Freehand from Sketch or PS using your initial, live design files to validate and get feedback on your ideas
• And more!

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