Hub Stor Connector for Slack Connect Slack with Hub Stor’s Cloud Data Platform

HubStor provides a centralized data lake for reliable eDiscovery of your data.  Hubstor delivers the capabilities you need to rapidly index and search large data sets, manage legal holds, and produce content in various formats. With reliable, fast export functionality and on-demand data extraction HubStor makes it easy to securely produce small and large data sets whenever needed. Large export jobs can be throttled. Data can be exported directly to SharePoint, Box, S3, Azure, and other places that you decide.   HubStor does more than just index the content of your Slack channels and messages. HubStor unlocks powerful capabilities to search and govern data by identity that you won’t find elsewhere.  
HubStor enables organizations to:
• Search by keywords, phrases, proximity, boosting, relevancy ranking, Boolean, and more.
• Search by user or channel across multiple sources to get the full picture.
• Hit highlighting within a message preview pane.
• Saved searches which can be shared with your team.
• True custodian search across disparate workloads.
• Place searches on legal hold, export when needed and leverage extended attributes to apply legal hold (e.g., Channels, Threads).
• Generate logical boundaries within a data stream to govern discovery user permissions.