House CupInspire camaraderie and employee recognition with a fun competition

Encourage team recognition and gamification in a way your organization will enjoy with this fun, free, and easy to use Harry Potter™ universe and Hogwarts™ inspired Slack bot!
– Add and subtract points. Award house points when someone does something great (or give some just because). And when you need to, take points away as well.
– Stay up to date with stats. Keep engagement with an automatic scoreboard for everyone to see how the houses and individuals are doing.
– Start and end semesters. Kick off a new term, celebrate House Cup Champions, and mix up the people in the houses or keep them the same. Run the House Cup the way you want.
– Choose the members of each house. Decide how you want to establish the members of each house; randomly, by work team, location, or whatever suits your organization the best!

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