Hi5 Grow your company culture

Interact with and get key information from your team’s Hi5 account.With the Hi5 slash commands you can Hi5 your coworkers directly from Slack and get personal stats and reminders around recognition and ratings.The channel you integrate with will get notified about the following:1. When a user gets invited to join your company
2. If an invited user activates their account
3. Every time a Hi5 is given to someone, showing all related data and images/gifs
4. When the current rating period has ended and a new one has begun
5. When a Business trial has been started
6. If your company’s Business trial is coming to an end
7. When your company successfully signs up for a Business or Awesome package
8. On Fridays to remind people to Hi5 each other before the end of the week
9. On Mondays to signal the start of a new week
10. A reminder 3 days before the end of a rating cycle
11. A signal of a new rating cycle starting on the first day